Mattress shopping can seem to be a tedious task. There are only so many stores that carry mattresses and they don’t always have in stock what you might be looking for. You can sometimes view the items online and get an idea on what the price will be, but it won’t do you much good when trying to figure out what it feels like. Then you still need to get the mattress home and trade it out for the current one that you have, or schedule an appointment for when your new one will be delivered.

The best step in buying a mattress and choosing the firmness that will fit your needs is to go to the store that sells them, and has many different examples on display. The display models are generally not just there for you to touch with your hands and feel the fabric. The only true way to test a mattress is to lie down on it, and get the feeling yourself. A mattress that is too firm, almost to the point of being hard is good for those who have no back problems and sleep only on their back or stomach.

Mattress Firmness GuideFor those that have back problems or sleep on their sides, then a softer mattress is going to be more for your liking. The softer the mattress the better it can be for side sleepers and stomach sleepers. If the mattress is too soft, than those with back trouble will have just as much trouble as if they picked something that was too firm. Instead get a firm mattress that has little give to it, and add some softness yourself with an additional memory foam topper or mattress padding that is less than two inches thick. Some mattresses do come with a pillow top feature and still have a firm mattress underneath in order to give your back the support it needs.

When choosing your mattress be sure and ask where the springs or coils are located. Those mattresses that have the coils more towards the outside will not be good for back support. The mattresses that pack the coils in the middle of the bed are more likely to give you support and allow you to get a good night’s sleep.