There is no one single mattress that is ideal for back pain. Someone might respond well to a mattress that has inner springs while another person might be comfortable with memory foam mattress. If you are looking for a mattress that is going to help you with your lower back pain, follow the tips below.

Mattress of medium firmness is ideal for a sore back. Mattresses that are too hard place a lot of pressure on the back area, which bears most of your weight as you are lying down. Your hips and lower back are the ones that are most affected. Medium firm mattress like pillow top mattresses that have a lot of layers of soft padding are ideal in the distribution of weight evenly and it also helps in avoiding development of sore spots.

It is essential that you remember you have a curved spine and not a straight one. You should therefore be able to choose a mattress that takes the shape of your back without it sagging below your weight.

Back PainThere is no real answer to the question of whether a memory foam or pocket spring mattress is the best for lower back pain. Memory foam mattress is said to match the body and reduces the pressure that is asserted on the lower and shoulders. If you want to get a firm bed that has a padded top, you should try and combine the two options. Look for an inner spring mattress that has a top made of memory foam.

The age of the mattress matters a lot when it comes to back pain. You should consider getting a new mattress after every ten years. Look at next day beds or even divan beds on offer online, if you are well past that date – this is important. Even if you are going to flip and rotate your mattress often, it is still going to get some sagging spots from the weight of your body. This is going to hold back its ability to give you proper support of the spine.