Decorating with popular characters is often craved by kids. Since kids have fickle tastes, here are some ways to indulge them without spending a lot.

Whether it’s Super Mario, Star Wars or Disney Princesses, children’s tastes can change quickly. They decide they want a Spiderman theme and by the time the last pillow is placed on the bed they want Star Wars. Going all out on a favorite theme is something that is easy for parents to do. When chidrens’ tastes change, the room can end up a mish mash of characters and designs. Fortunately, there are ways to indulge their tastes while saving time and money and keeping the room looking coordinated.

Decorate with Color

A color palette sets the tone for the room and makes choosing basics like paint, rugs and bedding easier. Fortunately, most popular childrens characters include some basic colors in their designs, usually in primary or pastel tones. Yellow, green and earth tones will also blend in with a character theme.

Use OId, or Inexpensive Furniture

Don’t rule out thrift store or cheap furniture, as long as it is safe and well made. Cheap furniture can be painted, stickered and decoupaged over and over again to meet current tastes in characters and themes, then simply painted over or discarded when tastes change. You can also find many online retailers selling beds for cheap – so do your research! For cheap beds check out Bed Market.

Consider inexpensive occasional furniture and storage solutions like Cubicles. They provide a way to add pops of color as well as useful storage.

Look for Inexpensive Items
Inexpensive items featuring a child’s favorite characters add decoration to the room and are not so hard for kids or parents to part with later. Posters are inexpensive and can be mounted on poster board for more stability, then simply tacked or taped to the wall. Wall decals go up easily and are inexpensive.

Decorate Walls Inexpensively
Decorate a bed with throws. Compared to a whole themed bedding set, a throw is inexpensive and will work with solid color coordinates. Tossing a throw on the bed makes for a quick makeover, and no one will know that that Super Mario throw covers Spongebob sheets.

Use Toys to Decorate
Like room décor, toys featuring a child’s favorite characters may be played with briefly and thrown away. The advantage is that they have a dual purpose for the short time they are in use. Look for things that can add deciration to a shelf or tabletop, like plush characters, figurines, action figures or fashion dolls. Having a special place for them not only adds to the décor but encourages clean up.

It’s possible to create a room that is creative, fun and well coordinated. Both kids and parents will be happy when they compromise and save money.